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Hikari Anime Chat will be a chat app designed specifically for anime fans. It'll be designed to run on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

It's currently not available for download because it's in development. So why write about it and make a website for it if it's not out yet? I want users to know that it's being worked on. It was released years ago, but it went offline. Now it's in the process of coming back, with even better features than ever before.

Read the News section for more details.

In Development


 News [January 17, 2018]


I'm excited to announce the continued development of Hikari Anime Chat.

Hikari Anime Chat will have tons of amazing features that are geared towards anime fans.
Some of these features will be: 

  • Chat with anime fans in real-time, meet new friends

  • Collect points during chat, and collect anime cards

  • Customize your own profile with a custom avatar, gallery, and description

  • An advanced online roleplay system

 How to help
Hikari Anime Chat will be free-to-use and will rely completely on donations. Any amount is appreciated to help cover server costs and time for code maintenance. Donations are also a great motivator for me because it tells me that you like what you see and that you want to see Hikari Anime Chat keep growing.

Thanks for your interest in Hikari Anime Chat! 


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