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 Introduction to Anime Chat Network
I'm an independent software developer. I go by the publisher name Anime Chat Network because the software that I write is mostly geared towards anime fans.

The main app for Anime Chat Network will be Hikari Anime Chat - a chat program designed specifically for anime fans. Hikari Anime Chat is currently in development and is not available for download yet.


The current software catalogue by Anime Chat Network is:

Software Description Release Date
Cyber Battles RPG Windows Phone Game (Role-playing game) Released: 2016
J Image Resizer Image resizing app for Windows 10 Coming Soon ( Summer 2018 )
Hikari Anime Chat Chat app for anime fans - -




June 22, 2018

I'm almost finished working on a new app called J Image Resizer. It's an image-resizing app for Windows 10 that makes it really easy to resize images. Here's a screenshot:

I'll make another post here once it's ready for download. It will be free-to-use with optional donations.

 How to help
Donations are the only way I make money from the software that I write and make available here. Any amount is helpful. If you enjoy using apps by Anime Chat Network, please consider donating to help cover the costs and time that it takes to keep it online. I will have a link here soon which you can use for donating. Thank you for your interest.

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